The SeaBite alarm has been extensively tested and evaluated during the product development cycle which has included testing by a range of experienced Anglers including competition winners. Below are extracts and links to published reviews.

Member of Species Hunter Group
Review by Ricky boxer

I have been testing out the sea bite alarm for the past few days now both shore and boat…
It’s made for shore fishing but also works very well on a boat too.

Firstly I’d like to say I have noticed how many bites you would of missed due to simple things like rolling a ciggie or making a trace etc. It picks up even the most tiny of bites giving a very clear sound alarm accompanied by the bright flashing light. The alarm is very good especially for the hard of hearing or deaf Fisherman. I used it on the shore on a windy day and it self adjusts to the weather and sea, very clever bit of kit. It was a cold night so we walked into the woods a good 200 yards away and we could still hear the alarm going and see the bright light flashing. We were both honestly shocked at how good they were. I arrived with two sea bite alarms with my mate and after a good nights fishing I left with one alarm due to him nagging me all night to give him one as they genuinely are so good.

Yesterday tried the alarm on my boat in the Solent giving just as good results as on the shore it was a 10mph wind with gusts up to 20mph and still it only registers a bite and not rough weather or wind unlike classic bells etc. Today we fished the Solent in very rough seas and very strong winds and apart from going off on the occasional lead bounce as to be expected it still only registers bites and blanks out the weather and rough seas.

So overall honestly amazed by the alarm. It’s loud enough to wake you from a little snooze, great for deaf or hard of hearing with the flashing light, great on shore and boats, you will never miss a bite again and that makes it priceless in my book. No more stiff necks and Sun glaring in your face either…
This is not me plugging this sea bite alarm this is a genuine review for a good bit of kit. If you haven’t already got one or a few get to and buy some you will not be disappointed.

Review from James yetman

Guys this is a little review of the seabite alarm.

I have recently been using the alarm on the beach and on piers. Now I only go on Addy pier in Dover as I know how to fish it as the tide can rip through. But it still works an absolute treat even though the tide can be very nasty at times. Also on the beach I fish anywhere I can from the beaches and it works wonders. No matter what size the fish, it will pick it up. With the tide as much as it bounces around, it will not go off unless you have a fish.

So my point is if you don’t have one or more you need one and for the price of them you cant go wrong.

World Sea Fishing

“WSF has tested the SeaBite alarm and it works exactly as the manufacturers say, plus is tough, durable, long lasting, simple to use and highly effective. It’s a revolution in bite indication and is ideal for beginner and expert alike.” Review: World Sea Fishing

Leader-Lines (Forum)

Howard Guppy at the leader lines forum has taken the time to write a review on the seabite alarm and with his permission we have included his complete review here. Review: Leader lines