SeaBite is a revolutionary new bite alarm utilising sophisticated technology. SeaBite is designed to provide reliable bite indication specifically for sea anglers where other bite detectors fail.


The principles of operation used within Bite alarms have changed very little over the years. The most common type of bite alarm detects line movement and incorporates a roller or wheel which is positioned to touch the line so that as the line moves the roller or wheel rotates. Various means are used to convert the motion of the wheel into an electrical signal which can then be used to give an indication of a fish bite.

Another means of bite detection involves detecting a change in tension on the line. This is commonly achieved with a simple lever operating a switch. When the line tension increases this moves the lever operating the switch causing the alarm to indicate a fish bite.

Bite alarms detecting line tension or line movement are of little use to the sea angler who has traditionally relied upon careful watching of the rod tip movement for signs of a bite. Until the arrival of SeaBite sea anglers’ only assistance in terms of bite detection has been a clip on bell and a tip light for night time fishing. The bell provides no discrimination over types of movement and will provide many false alarms in the presence of wind or moderate waves. Tip lights whilst useful for night fishing are not in themselves bite indicators and still require careful watching. Without SeaBite it can be all too easy to miss a bite particularly when running more than one rig or if simply distracted for a moment.

Seabite operates in an entirely different manner to any bite alarm previously available. Seabite uses motion sensing technology which detects the changing velocity as the rod moves. Seabite uses sophisticated electronics to filter wind and wave motion optimising bite detection from tiny flounders to massive cod bites. Seabite will even detect drop back bites.

Seabite has also proven most effective as an alternative to more conventional bite alarms for carp and barbel fishing. Seabite provides the sensitivity of a more conventional carp alarm with the ability for the user to “travel light” negating the need for bulky pod/buzzer systems. In comparison tests it has proved as effective as top of the range conventional bite alarms. The SeaBite alarm with its innovative technology will infact work in all fishing situations where there is rod tip movement whilst a bite is occurring. This means that it is suitable for the detection of bites whilst using method/swim feeders, ledgering, surface fishing etc.