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Reviews: Sea Bite Alarm

Written by The Tacklehead

Believe it or not, peg type rod tip bells for bite indication are
still popular sellers even though our Great Grandfathers were using
them. But we are now in the 21st century and it seems rod tip bite
indication technology has well and truly moved forward in to the
space age in the shape of SeaBite alarm.

This is a sophisticated piece of equipment. It attaches to the
rod tip via a plastic foot that you simply tape or whip to the rod
tip between the tip ring and first intermediate ring, but obviously
on the non ring side of the blank. The body is moulded to slide in
and click securely in to position on the foot. It should be placed
with the on/off knob facing towards the rod tip.

WSF Pack

The plastic body is cylindrical with a simple turn on, turn off
button at the rear that is easy to grip, even with wet, cold hands.
This also gives access to the batteries by simply pushing it to one
side until it pops off. The body is also luminous, so it glows
brightly in the dark when charged.

Where this alarm differs is that it is fully electronically
operated and automatically adjusts its sensitivity to the prevailing
sea conditions within 1 to 2 minutes of activation. Such is its
sensitivity that it can detect the difference between even slight
animated rod tip action created by a fish taking the bait which
triggers the audible alarm and flashing light indicator. It will
even detect drop back bites.  But it will not respond to any
repeated rhythmical movement such as wave and wind action, or weed
pulling on the line.

WSF Seabite

When subjected to repeated bite type movement the alarm will go
in to mute, but the light indicator will continue flashing. This
function is to eliminate the continual beep when playing fish. Once
the alarm is in mute it will not reactivate until the light stops

WSF found the audible bite alarm clear to hear and the flashing
indicator light easily seen at night.

The SeaBite alarm measures just 5cms long and is 1cm in diameter.
It is ultra lightweight and barely if at all felt when fitted to the
rod tip when casting. It can be used with rods fitted with both
fixed spool and multiplier reels. And remember, the body clips
easily in and out of the taped on foot, so you can opt to remove the
bite alarm when casting if you so wish and re fit when fishing.

It is powered by four small L726 Alkaline Cell batteries and will
last for ages, but obviously turn the alarm off when not in use for
maximum battery life.

The packaging recommends that the SeaBite alarm is not immersed
fully in water, but obviously can be fished with when raining
without problem.

WSF Hand

WSF has tested the SeaBite alarm and it works exactly as the
manufacturers say, plus is tough, durable, long lasting, simple to
use and highly effective. It’s a revolution in bite indication
and is ideal for beginner and expert alike.

The SeaBite alarm will be available from a wide range of tackle
retailers shortly. We are told it will retail for around £11.99.
For further information and your nearest stockist visit